Sigfredo Construction was founded upon our owner’s experience and building philosophy. “Build it right from the ground up, and never compromise on quality,” and this was the standard we set for ourselves right out the box. Sigfredo began his career in construction in 1993 when he began framing as part of a crew for a local framing subcontractor. By 1997, he and his own crew were framing houses and small additions.  In March of 2000, Sigfredo Construction was launched as a small framing subcontractor.

As a start-up concern, our crews constructed and installed residential framing in Jefferson, Orleans, and Plaquemines Parishes for several local general contractors. We quickly gained recognition and respect among general contractors as a professional framing company who’s attention to detail, high quality of work, and ability to correct framing problems helped  the general contractors avoid thousands of dollars of re-working.  As more and more projects were completed, and through their interaction with Sigfredo on their jobsites, we gained the trust of homeowners and commercial property owners who began asking us to provide our services directly to save them time and money which could go toward their projects.

As the years went by we began to get inquiries directly from business owners and homeowners for projects such as framing office build outs, building renovation and repair work to porches, sheds, garages, minor remodels and things of that nature both residential and commercial.  By 2005, we were handling large complex remodeling projects, as well as additions and renovation work for general contractors and property owners.

In 2008 we decided to become a state licensed residential and commercial General Contractor. Even though some of area’s GCs we had worked for saw this as us becoming direct competition, we were getting enough inquiries about larger projects in both trades to carry us through our start-up phase. Even though much of our current work is in new construction, we have reputation for doing beautiful and seamless additions, and handling complex and challenging remodeling work involving major structural changes. Our background in framing and foundations gives us a great advantage when it comes to properly modifying an existing structure. 

Over the years as we have grown, we’ve added many skilled craftsmen and construction pros to our crew. Sigfredo only hires the best, and then holds them to the standards he has set for himself and Sigfredo Construction. Having an in-house crew gives us an advantage as we do not have to subcontract out all of the work on large projects. This results in a higher-quality finished product for our customers. Yes, we still provide framing services, but we now do much more for our valued clients! From taking care of the foundation and framing of your project, to overseeing and building the entire construction project, Sigfredo Construction is your resource for high-quality general contractor services. We build our reputation by building for YOU! As the next generation of our family begins to learn about and work in the business, we look forward to continuing to expand by taking on larger projects involving new construction, renovations, additions, and remodeling.