SM-010 Final.jpgSigfredo Martinez, Sr.

Sigfredo is known for his skill, craftsmenship, and attention to detail. As the Buillder of Sigfredo Construction, Sigfredo meets with customers and oversees the entire building process of each new construction, remodel, and addition. He is personally experienced as a highly skilled framing contractor with the know-how to get the job done right from the ground up. Sigfredo is the direct manager of Sigfredo Construction as well as a hands-on project manager. He is a Certified Green Professional and a Lead Certified Renovator.

MM-020.jpgMayelen Martinez

Mayelen is a seasoned real estate professional with years of residential real estate sales and marketing experience. With Sigfredo Construction, she works alongside Sig to manage the project workflow, new proposal submittals, project logistics, staffing issues, office administration and accounting. Since Sig is in the field and very hands-on with each and every one of his clients’ building projects, Mayelen makes sure all of the tedious tasks associated with running the family business get accomplished, and the clients get what they need, when they need it. She oversees billing, and opening and closing projects, so if you can’t get Sig on the line, you probably need to speak with Mayelen, anyway.

The Crew

Sigfredo has a group of very skilled laborers that he has trained over the years on how to build the way he expects. They are a highly qualified group of individuals that help the company make a difference in the projects that we perform. Our crews perform demolition work, site prep, foundation work, framing, hardi installation, trim carpentry, painting and so much more.