Sigfredo Construction is a general contractor licensed in both residential and commercial construction. Our reputation for exceedingly well built construction projects has carried us through the years with almost 100% of our work generated from word of mouth recommendations and past customers.

Sigfredo Construction began building in the metro New Orleans area in 2000. Our philosophy has always been that a quality project begins with the right materials and the right structure. With this in mind, we have assembled a team of construction professionals in which we can place our trust and our clients’ best interests. We understand how important it is to you to work with a builder who has in-depth knowledge in structure and foundation when new construction or challenging remodeling is involved.

It’s also important for your builder to know how to build. Sigfredo is an experienced craftsman, personally specialized in foundations and framing, as well as a careful supervisor.  This assures you receive a realistic quote for your specific project. Then, he makes sure your projects are built to his high standards. He believes each finished product should always continue to build upon his good reputation. Because of this hands-on knowledge and superior attention to craftsmanship, our team has been called upon to complete some extremely challenging remodeling projects. Additionally, we are highly sought after for new construction and additions projects because of our strong background in framing and foundation work, which is still performed by our own crew.

Once you contact Sigfredo Construction about your project, we’ll come out to do an onsite visit with you at no cost. Our Builder will do a walk through of your project, review your plans or ideas, and will discuss the scope of work as they see it. Once we’ve gathered the information needed from the walkthrough and reviewed the specifications from your building plans, we will provide a detailed proposal and construction schedule.

Please visit our testimonials page and take a look through some of our past projects. You can learn a lot from seeing and hearing the experience others have had with their Contractor/Builders. Some of our past clients include Stratus Systems, General Mill Supplies, and Lighthouse Lodge.

Please call us to discuss your project! We want to build for YOU!